WebPT Access | iPad, Android, Abroad
  • 21 Sep 2023
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WebPT Access | iPad, Android, Abroad

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Article Summary

WebPT Access | iPad or Android

WebPT does not currently have an iPad or Android app. However, WebPT is a web-based solution, so you can access it from any internet-enabled device, including your iPad or Android tablet (although WebPT does work best on a Mac or PC).

For WebPT to work well on an iPad, we recommend you use a 32GB iPad 2, or newer, as well as the standard Wi-Fi connection available on all iPad 2 models. Currently, we don't recommend you use the iPad’s 3G network connection as this may result in slow load times.

WebPT Access | Abroad

WebPT applications may be used outside of the United States or Canada—using these tips—to continue our high-security standards and ensure the safety of your WebPT account and data.

Click the arrows below to discover more about accessing WebPT products abroad.

Accessing WebPT Abroad 

We recommend purchasing a low-cost VPN and designating a U.S. or Canadian IP address to access WebPT applications outside the U.S and Canada.

Can I access WebPT Products without a VPN?

Yes. If you do not have a VPN and need to access WebPT applications from outside of the United States or Canada, contact support@webpt.com or request we add your IP address to our list of approved IP addresses via a Support Hub Case. If you need help finding your IP address, simply Google “what is my IP address”.

Request Timeline

This request may take up to 3 business days to process. For immediate access to WebPT applications, we recommend connecting to a VPN.

If your organization uses a firewall, you may need to whitelist the IP addresses of the websites you need to access.

Do I just need a VPN while abroad?

While you will need a VPN to access WebPT products while in certain countries, using one while on public networks—such as at a cafe or airport—can provide an extra layer of security when accessing patient or other sensitive data even when you aren’t abroad.

Any suggestions for a VPN?

The following links for VPN services are used by our IT staff on their personal computers:

What is a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that acts as a secure tunnel to prevent hackers from watching your computer activities. It can be loaded onto your laptop as an application and in many cases, it’d be as easy as clicking a button to turn it on. Hackers may be able to watch your keystrokes so they can later log into your account on unsecured networks because they’ll know your username and password. Obtaining and using a VPN helps keep your private data private and helps to prevent a data breach.

WebPT Product IP Addresses

WebPT | Product IP Addresses

Whitelist IP Addresses

As of October 1, 2023 WebPT products have a new IP Address. Refer to the table below to ensure you have the appropriate IP addresses whitelisted. If you have previously whitelisted the current IP Address of the products listed below, you will need to whitelist the new IP Address as well. Please do not remove previously whitelisted IP Addresses until instructed by WebPT Member Support.

WebPT ProductWebsite URLCurrent IP AddressNew IP Address
WebPT EMRapp.webpt.com
edocs-api.webpt.com and
WebPT Billingrevflow.com
webptmarketplace.com and and
WebOutcomesweboutcomes.com45.60.99.80 and and
Therabillapp.therabill.com45.60.77.5072.19.3.67 and
Data Analyticsanalytics.webpt.com
tableau.webpt.com and

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